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The Process Of A New Gym Fit Out With Panatta

Gym layout

So you’ve found your building, picked your colour scheme and found the perfect team of staff but have you thought about how your gym layout will affect your new business? At Panatta, we have worked with a range of gyms from all over the world big or small! This experience has taught us the considerations…

Panatta: Best Gym Equipment To Kick Start Your New Gym Fitout


Congratulations, you’ve decided to open up your own commercial gym! However, choosing the right equipment for your new gym space can be an overwhelming task, especially if you’re a little unsure of exactly what it is you need. When it does come to choosing the right equipment for your gym space, you need equipment that…

Design a Commercial Gym That is Tailored To Your Environment


When it comes to finding the right gym equipment for your gym’s environment, many think that standard commercial gym equipment is the only way to go. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The right professional gym equipment can be subject to a range of modifications in order to suit the environment or your…

Can I rent commercial gym equipment?

Can I rent Gym Equipment

Starting a commercial gym can be financially exorbitant, and that’s why you need the assistance of professionals during the primary stages of development. If you are thinking about what equipment you might need for your commercial space, one option we believe you should consider is gym equipment rental. With Panatta Gym Equipment, you can use…

Do you have special requirements for your gym? Talk to Panatta!

Equipment modifications

Every gym is different, and often the difference comes down to the people that will find themselves using the space regularly. If your commercial gym differs from the common franchise health club you see on every corner, and you want to ensure that your patrons will be safe and have a pleasant exercise experience, it’s…

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